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This is the last part of my series on speed optimizing for small websites. It’s a list of links to all the speed optimization tools and (re)sources that I’ve found useful for my work. Updated, 12-11-12.

There are quite a lot of links here, so I’ve ordered them in categories for you. Of course, a listing like this can never be comprehensive. There’s a lot happening in the speed optimization field and I’m pretty sure this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future, so I’ll try to regularly update this page with new, relevant links. Make sure to bookmark this page.
And if you think I missed out on something important, or if you have further suggestions or tips, please let me know via the comments section below. Your input is very much appreciated!

How much time is wasted on loading unnecessary data? (gtmetrix.com)

Page speed test tools

Image optimization

  • Smush It – Yahoo’s image optimizer, support batch processing.
  • ImageOptim – image optimizer for Mac OS X
  • PunyPNG – very good PNG compression tool
  • Online Image Optimizer – optimize your GIFs, JPG’s and PNG’s online.
  • ImageAlpha – converts 24-bit PNG to 8-bit with full alpha channel.

Minification tools

Content delivery networks (CDN’s)

No ‘big names’ here, CDN’s for small website owners only ;-)

  • CloudFlare – CDN and website security, with free options.
  • Coral – free CDN, extremely easy to implement but results vary.
  • MaxCDN – affordable CDN solutions.
    (note: I am in no way affiliated to MaxCDN)

Advanced speed optimizing techniques

Reference articles

Ecommerce speed optimization

Mobile optimization

Speed optimizing for WordPress

Additions, November 12th

Phew, you made it to the end of the list! Did I miss something, or did you notice a mistake? Or do you have a good tip to share? If so, please post a comment below!

This was the last part of my series on speed optimizing for small websites. Soon I’ll start a series of articles on developing a web shop optimized for mobile devices. Apart from talking about optimizing for various different use(r) scenarios compared to desktop sites, I’ll also cover mobile speed optimization in more detail. And along the way I’ll discuss the pros and cons of responsive webdesign for ecommerce sites. Please stay tuned!

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