Page speed still matters in 2013

What is the first impression a visitor gets from your site? Is it the eye-catching design? The strong, keyword rich headline? The user friendly interface? Or the well written and structured content?

Wrong. It’s the speed with which your page loads. And if that takes longer than just 3 seconds, 57% of online consumers won’t even see your responsive, device agnostic design, nor your valuable content. Because they will abandon your website, and 80% of them won’t even bother to try again. Worse, half of those people will tell others about the bad experience they had with your site.
The average webpage is expected to grow to 2MB in 2013. Don’t do that to your customers, and re-read my series on speed optimization.

Speed Optimizing Site Abandoning
Site abandon rates due to slow speeds (strangeloopnetworks)

Happy Holidays, I’ll be back for more in 2013! :-)

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